How I Got 22 Follow Links With Infographic Marketing

In 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Create an infographic

How to choose the right infographic:

STEP 2: Create a post specifically for the Infographic.

Create a new post in your Word Press site which is dedicated to the infographic. (If you are using another blogging site then still create a new post. The exact steps of how to do this may differ from below.)

Step 3: Optimise this page for SEO

To do this all of the below must be optimised.

Text at the beginning of the post


Title of the post


Image Alt text


External Anchor Text


STEP 4: Submit your infographic to the infographic submission sites

This is when you get the follow links.

STEP 5: Sit back and let the magic happen

After a few days check the number of backlinks you now have with Ahrefs or SEOprofiler. (Both of which offer a free trial).



Software developer:

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